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Earthship biotecture Creator of earthships

Valencia earthship Oscar & Lisa Janes Build in Valencia

Wikipedia Earthship description

Sunseed Desert Technology aims to develop, demonstrate and communicate accessible, low-tech methods of sustainability in a semi-arid environment.

Normandy Earthship, France Frances first authorized earthship

Navitron UK Suppliers of off-grid power systems, heating systems etc

Sentinella This is the link to the Mojacar, Almeria edition of this local magazine. They're running a series of articles about our Earthship build.

Low Carbon Trust The Low Carbon Trust is a not-for-profit organisation that was formed in 2001. One of their first projects was Earthship Brighton.

Ascot Hygiene Low energy, point of use electric water heaters - great for saving water and electricity and they're tiny so fit into all sorts of spaces.

Geodesic Domes Desert domes site - with information on how to construct the site.

Earthship Spain org This is an organisation based in Barcelona to promote earthships in Spain, linked to EEBU.

La Suelo Arca La Suelo Arca (The Soil Ark) is a project with the intention to create a self sustainable, International community on the East Coast of Spain in 2012/2013.

Eco Almeria A blog that brings together all that is eco in the Almeria area

Living in Paper The inspiration for the papercrete covering on our dome.

MT-Best Australia This has to be the most eco friendly fridge in the world...

Cal Earth Beautiful superadobe domes, vaults and arches.