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Get Started Booklet

By popular demand, we've published an E-booklet about our journey through the land purchase, Planning and Building Permission processes here in Andalucia, Spain.

Even if you're wanting to build elsewhere, we think this guide will give you a good idea of what to expect in general and therefore what to allow for when planning your own Earthship.

The Spanish version will be available as soon as I can get Dave to finish checking it. If you'd like it contact us to get a move on!

We've decided to make it by donation as it's taken us many hours to write. That way we can dedicate more time to writing guides to help you and others build your own Earthships.

Making a donation of over £10 for the booklet qualifies you for our free up close and personal Q&A service via email. This is where you get to ask us any and as many questions as you like about our earthship build.

To receive your copy simply select the amount you'd like to donate (or enter your own amount in the box below) and click the Paypal button. This will take you to a Paypal page. Once your donation has been accepted by Paypal we'll send you your copy of Get Started On Your Earthship e-booklet.


If you make a donation for the booklet we’ll automatically send you any updates when they become available.

Please note: We manually email the pdf booklet to you so there may be a time delay between the Paypal transaction and you receiving it. We aim to get it to you within 24 hrs but if you haven't received it within 2 days and have checked your spam folder in case it's in there, email us with alternative contact info - because if your email provider is bouncing our emails we need another way to get in touch with you.

Lovely Feedback

An email from someone I sent this guide to last December, here is what he wrote (he said I could publish his comment):

"Thanks very much for the Earthship planning guide which I downloaded from you in December. That along with the Michael Reynolds documentaries have inspired my girlfriend and me to do something similar."

Thank you John for your lovely feedback, it's so nice to know that we've helped someone else on their way towards building an earthship.

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