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4 Dec 07

Roof beams and columns

It's the 4th of December and we've given ourselves a very nice christmas pressie - we've ordered the roof beams and columns.

Our local carpenter has these beautiful Spanish pine trunks - gorgeous aren't they? They're approx. 17-20cm in diameter and come in .5m increments starting at 3m up to 5.5m.

We need 2 columns for the main hut area and 2 for the round room (door). Until we lay the concrete footer we're not sure how tall these need to be, but they'll be a maximum of 2.5m. So we've ordered x2 5m trunks.

Then the biggy is the centre beam to sit on top of the columns in the main hut area. This needs to be 6m long. And luckily the carpenter now has 2 6m beams stashed away somewhere. They told us a few weeks ago they couldn't get 6m lengths so we'd been thinking of using an old telegraph pole. There are loads around here. But the collection and transportation of them was getting very complicated so we're much happier getting these from the carpenter.

Lastly for the roof beams in the main hut area x20 4m trunks.

Y ya'ta! Ordered, done, excited!