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21 May 09

Hoorah, we're back after just one week and we've finished the bond beam for the round room.

Here's Dave using our maypole centre point (well it is May after all) to make sure we get the first row of bond beam in the right place. No pressure Dave.


And the finished bond beam - I know it doesn't look much but it took a lot of planning and executing. It seems like months ago that we started it... in fact it was!


Excited by our success we put up the columns for the round room entrance. Do they look central to you? No they don't to me either. We spent ages measuring where to put the rebar into the footings months ago, how did we get it so wrong? Luckily we put in mega footings so we do have a little room to jiggle. A job for next week me thinks.


Mimi, one of the 3 guinea pigs we were given last summer, had her babies on Monday - cute eh? Are baby guinea pigs called piglets? Anyway, we have 11 in total now, the chickens and ducks are not amused. Would anyone like a guinea pig or two - free to good homes?