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June 20th Earthship Spain visit

Hi, we're opening up for one day in June for a limited number to come and visit our earthship home.

At present we already have 4 signed up, therefore we can only take another 4 - get in quick if you'd like to come.

Email me to reserve your place. Please give me a little info in your email about why you'd like to visit.

Please note - there is no reliable public transport to our earthship, if you'd like to visit you will need access to a car.

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October 2014

Hi everyone, thanks for your interest in our project.

It's now January 2015 and we've had lots of people contacting us wanting to visit and/or volunteer, especially as we've now moved in - yehey!

Since moving in last september we had planned to do lots of finishing jobs, but somehow these haven't happened - I think we just needed time to settle in. So we're a little behind on our schedules for the other buildings.

Volunteering - Our next big job is to finish the water tank which is being built out of tyres. We'll probably finish this ourselves, but then there's the big job of the garage, also being built out of tyres in the earthship way. When we start this we'll be asking for volunteers to come and help with the tyre work. We had originally hoped it would be around March, but it's looking more like this big job may not start until the autumn now.

Visits - We'd love to invite all those interested to come and see how lovely earthships are, however this takes up precious time when we should be either building or doing our other work. We're trying to work out a way to do this though, any ideas would be welcome.

If you haven't already, subscribe to our web site as we'll be doing a mailing letting you know when volunteering and visits will start again.

14 Octubre

Hola todos, gracias por su interes en nuestro proyecto.

Suscriba a nuestro web site por notificacion cuando abierto por visitars y voluntarios.


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