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March 2014

Hi everyone, thanks for your interest in our project.

Normally we offer a visit & work scheme so you can come and see our project and get hands on experience of building. But at present this is not possible.

It's now March 2014 and we've had lots of people contacting us wanting to visit and/or volunteer this Spring so I thought I'd update this page. It's difficult to have people on site at present but watch this space because once we're in we have plans to build a battery house and water tank, both out of tyres, and will be in a position to have volunteers again.

If you haven't already, subscribe to our web site as we'll be doing a mailing letting you know when we're taking volunteers again.

14 Marzo

Hola todos, gracias por su interes en nuestro proyecto.

Normalmente ofrecemos visitar & trabaja para que puedas venir y ver nuestro proyecto y mancharte las manos.

Al momento eso es dificile por tenemos gentes con nosotros. Pero tenemos planos por construir una casita por batterias y un aljibe, todo hacemos en rodrillos, y eso es posible mejor por voluntarios.

Suscriba a nuestro web site por notificacion.


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