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10 Apr 09

Good Friday

Do you remember that big chunk of solid rock we had to cut through to do the front face tyres? Well here it is again, the little blighter. And this time we're, well Dave, is cutting through it to make room for the planter. I decided later on in the proceedings to try and keep some of it and use it as the walls to the planter - not sure if this'll work but it's worth a try.


Virginia and Magnus rising to the challenge of beating our 7 tyre a day record (well we were proud of it). Magnus has taken a strange liking to pounding tyres, so much so that later, when it started raining, they both carried on, and on, and on!


Juan digging away at the front face...


...then helping Jennifer white wash the ceiling planks...


...and then in the background helping Dave screw down the ceiling planks - that boy gets around doesn't he?

How many tyres Virginia?


That ceiling's looking good


You win guys - you reached 7 tyres with time to spare, shame we didn't need anymore doing. Are you sure you haven't done this before?


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