“Some people see things as they are and say why. I dream things that never were and say why not?” Robert F. Kennedy

8 Mar 08



Our neighbour was replacing this lovely little satsuma tree with a variety they prefer. As it happens we really love the sweet, juicy satsumas this tree produces so asked if we could have it. So our first job of the day was to plant it, and here it is, watered and mulched in, fingers crossed it will survive it's transplanting.

The onions are doing well.

The jury's still out on the fig trees.

The raspberries are proving an interesting experiment. The 4 canes planted in the part shade of the broom bush have fresh buds appearing. The 3 planted in full sun don't have a single fresh bud between them. So we've heavily mulched and watered these to see if it makes a difference. If there's no sign of improvement in a couple of weeks time I might transplant them into the shade as well.

Solid rock

Levelling the final tyre on the east end of the front face proved a bit of a job. We had to chip into solid rock, again. Luckily this means that the front face of our greenhouse has a really solid foundation. Our aching arms were testament to that.



Here they are, at last, all 15 tyres of the front face.