“I'm looking for a lot of men who have an infinite capacity to not know what can't be done.” Henry Ford

4 Oct 07

Cement works

Today reminded us how planet friendly the tyre work is compared to building with cement. We had to do the corner filler block out of concrete which took 3 back-breaking wheelbarrow loads of concrete and loads of water just to make this block and a half. That's half a sack of cement, a large bucket and a half of builders sand and about 20 litres of water - the rocks were free as we have loads on the land!. So for economy, zero transportation of materials and in low water situations tyre thumping is a much better building solution.


5 tyres pounded today - total tyre count now 104


The weather today was stunning. We watched a storm work it's way around us throughout the day. We saw lightening, rain (not on us), fantastic big black clouds swirling around the mountains with luminous sunlit patches - it was a wonderful sight. Then on the way home we saw this double rainbow. Experiencing nature in the raw is awesom.