“You must be the change you want to see in the world” M Gandhi

27 June 07

We dream of clouds

Today started off perfect, cloudy skies, smatterings of lovely cooling rain and only 19C (sorry to all those experiencing flooding in the uk at the moment). We roared ahead with 4 tyres before lunch. I know, I know, not exactly 4 tyres an hour but we did do a tyre in just under 20 mins.

Then the sun came out

After lunch was a lark. The sun came out so we put the sunshade up. Only it didn't quite work that well this week and two poles bent, hence the stack of tyres propped against one of them. The wind picked up too so the sunshade kept flapping about and smacking us on the head - great fun! Needless to say we gave up early after only doing 3 tyres.


Is that a hat on legs above?!


7th tyre - phew!