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26 Jul 11

Re-submiited Building Permission

After much toing and froing with the Diputacion, Town Planner and the architects we've finally submitted the amended Proyecto Básico to the Ayuntamiento in Sorbas.

The Town Planner has looked through it and thinks it's ok so will send it on to the Diputacion of Almeria.

Fingers crossed!!

Another coat

We spent a lot of the morning in Sorbas sorting out paperwork so after a spot of tapas hotfooted it to the Earthship to do another coat of paint on the roof - it's 2nd - it's looking very shiny isn't it?! Dave did first coat on the front face bits that didn't get done last week.


Sewing sacks

Then on our way home we stopped off at Pañales, our local grain supplier, to borrow his sack sewing machine. We need about 26 sacks to do the edge of the roof which is scheduled to be done this Thursday, so no time to waste.

Here's Dave with Juan.