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24 & 26 Jan 08

Beams, glorious beams

No sooner had the cement set and we were back putting up the first column, which meant that the main centre beam could be put up - all 6 metres of it -, which meant that the second column could be cut, which meant..... we ran out of light!

Don't worry, well be back at the weekend.

The centre piece of bond beam being joined in with rebar.


The beautiful 6 metre centre beam

and again


end of the day and we're dead chuffed with what we've done. It's actually starting to look like something now.


26th Jan

Dave has done a lovely job of chiselling today. To ensure a snug fit between beams he's flattening out the joint areas slightly. These will be viewable when all is done so it's worth spending the time to do it nicely. This also meant lifting the beams in and out of position until all was perfect which is where I came in, I lost count of how many times we had to move the 6 metre beam, but my back reminded me the next day.

Inbetween lifts I pounded a couple of tyres for the end of the greenhouse. I really know how to have a good time don't I?!!


Dave playing ape man... well that's what I think he's doing.