“Going to a junkyard is a sobering experience. There you can see the ultimate destination of almost everything we desire” Roger von Oech

24 & 25 Sep 07

Preparation? What preparation?

Well after all that time spent measuring last week we may as well have been pounding coz we're out by half a tyre. Luckily only on the length, not the height. So all is not lost as the beauty of tyre walls is that you can add a filler really easily and voila, you're back on track.


Roger to the rescue

A big thank you to Roger who gave us two days of hard graft right in the middle of starting up his new company. We really appreciate your time and wish you every success with your new venture - and how are your blisters healing?


Brandy anyone?

Ok, so a late night and lots of wine and brandy don't make for an easy day at the tyre face. But they're still smiling!

We did 15 tyres and a lot of preparation work over the 2 days.

Roger's comment: He came, he drank, he talked lots of bollxxxs and he thumped. Good on yer Rog.