“Some people see things as they are and say why. I dream things that never were and say why not?” Robert F. Kennedy

2 & 3 Nov 07

So close

Friday 2nd November and we're so close to finishing the walls for the main hut area. 5 volunteers from Sunseed and Santi from Madrid came to help. We flew ahead and finished 14 tyres.


Thank you everyone

Again, your energy and enthusiasm is inspiring. From left: Ivy, Lucia, Sofie, David, Sarah, Santi and Dave - we knew that by the end of the day 'we've found a Michelin' would raise a smile.



Santi stayed on to help us on Saturday. The walls for the main hut are now finished and ready to have the roof fitted. We were going to dig out the round room but we're waiting for building permission, so this week we'll be sourcing the wood so work can start on the roof.


Round room

Even though we haven't had it dug out yet we had some spare energy so thumped 6 tyres for the round room.


A poem by Santi

Each tyre a grain for a better world... and a blister on your hands

Each tyre an agreeable conversation

Each tyre a breath of fresh air

We hope you fulfil your dream to build an earthship too Santi. Thank you for your hard work on ours.