“When everyone thinks alike, no one thinks very much.” Walter Lippmann

18 Oct 07

Sunseed Stars

6 volunteers from Sunseed Desert Technology came to lend a hand today - and what star workers they were. Apart from bringing lots of physical energy they brought such enthusiasm, it was really lovely having you with us for the day.


Da girls

Kyra, Svea and Stine, good sledge hammer work girls. Alexis, who isn't one of the girls by the way, trying to fly by using cardboard alone in the background there?


End of end blocks

The final end block for this end of the hut is half-way done. Well done lads.


Round room

The land cleared and tyres marking the area for the round room.


Rock n rollin

Harry and Guy on a rock hunt - didn't have to look too far for them luckily.


Size matters - or does it?

Not anymore. The first end block we did we sized the rocks by hand and were very careful to make them all the same size. Now? Pah to that, rake em in and only chuck the boulders away!


Say Pirellieeeeeee

From the left, top row - Dave, Guy, Harry, bottom row - Stine, Svea, Kyra and Alexis.

13 tyres pounded, 1 end block finished, and lots of soil moved to lay out the round room tyres - and still smiling in the pouring rain.

Huge thanks to you all and we look forward to seeing you again soon.