“When everyone thinks alike, no one thinks very much.” Walter Lippmann

You've been framed...

Well, the roof is being framed. Dave has been working his little socks off and has framed a third of the roof with some help from Sunseeders - thank you all.

It took some time working out the best way to do it, but now he's sussed it he's hoping the rest will happen quicker.

Here's the photos for the last few days he spent there. Below shows the start of the frame.


Friday he was joined by (from left) Anne, Becky and Simon from Sunseed.


The plywood sheets are 125 x 250 cm so the frame is being made to fit these.



Looking good eh? Soooooo exciting to see this progress, although I am missing being there and joining in.


Has anyone noticed how big the moon is at the mo? Apparently it's the closest it's been to the earth for 20 years.