“When everyone thinks alike, no one thinks very much.” Walter Lippmann

15 May 09

This is getting boring now isn't it? I mean our frequent disappearances. We always said that the earthship would get built when it gets built, no deadlines. And I guess that's what's happening. Things come up that are more important and something has to give. Anyway, we're back again and raring to go, well sort of.

We spent half the day screwing down the already painted ceiling planks.

Here's the view from above...


And from below...We have a complete skylight now.


Then the second half covering it with plastic to stop any rain getting in - and there has been a lot of rain this year. Unfolding and laying out 8m x 3.5m of plastic in a high wind with just the two of us is an uplifting experience I can tell you, hee hee. We extended the plastic to cover the front beams too as the water was running down them and getting to the edges of the ceiling planks. Tying the ends around the beams has created a very sombre set of Grim Reapers, hmmm.