“I'm looking for a lot of men who have an infinite capacity to not know what can't be done.” Henry Ford

15 Apr 11

Letters and Sorbas

Today started out with a letter from Sorbas Town Council, a very long and scary letter about our Building Permission request with a 10 day deadline for response - eeek!

We'd planned to take some friends to see the Earthship then lunch in Sorbas, so did a quick replan and went to Sorbas first. They looked around the town, joined in an Easter procession and routled around the local potters workshops. We went to talk to the town planner about the letter.

Turns out that things aren't as scary as we originally thought so we're hoping a few amendments to the application may do. They also said don't worry about the 10 day deadline.

To the 'ship

After lunch in Sorbas we went on to the Earthship, the general consensus among our friends is that we're barking - scratch that, brave!

Below: Lillian, Adam, Graham, Caitrin, Stuart, Amanda and me.


Broad beans...

Considering these don't get regular irrigation they didn't do too badly.


and pomegranates

This is one of the 'sticks' we planted (upside down) a few months ago. So excited about the shoots. The other stick isn't showing any signs of life yet.