“The only thing necessary to the triumph of evil, is that good men do nothing” Edmund Burke

10 Jan 09

Sunseeders return

It was lovely to have 5 folks from Sunseed come and help us today, we've missed you! Here's Paul, Don and Andreas (and Dave in the background) getting stuck into some tyre thumping.


We've been having a very wet winter this year so we checked the weather report before we arranged to come today. It said 'more sun than cloud, with a zero chance of rain'. It was accurate in that we didn't have rain, we had snow instead and as for the sun, what sun?! The only saving grace was that there was no wind. Temperatures didn't get above 4C so tyre thumping was the best job to do. From left to right: Andreas, Don, Simon, Dave, Angie and Paul.


Eating lunch in the snow - I know you can't see it in the pic, but believe me it was snowing!

And I apologise again - profusely - for the anchovy stuffed olives guys.


We did 18 tyres today - nearly finishing the walls for the round room - despite snow, anchovies and frozen toes. Brilliant! Thanks everyone, we really appreciate your hard work in the inclement conditions.