“The only thing necessary to the triumph of evil, is that good men do nothing” Edmund Burke

03-04 Jan 2014

We had a lovely rest over the hols, although we did carry on working on the earthship in-between eating mince pies and chocolates. Hope you enjoyed whatever you were doing.

My first job was to continue with the tiling in the bathroom. The semi-circle not tiled is where (more or less) the sink unit will go. As I'm not sure how this will look yet I'm going to leave it. The main thing was to tile where the toilet will go (which is in the corner). I'm also painting the walls while they're easy to get to.


Dave has been chief sifter and mixer, I don't know how many tons of mud he's prepared whilst also putting the leveling layer of mud on the living room floor. The smooth section of mud top left of the pic is the test I did of the finish layer.


My next job was to paint the first layer of lime wash on the un-mudded living room walls. I'm doing this to stop the dust falling onto what will be the finished floor surface.


At the end of 2 days we were pleased to have an almost level floor and almost dust free walls in the living area.



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